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This is a blog made for Blogathon 2007. On Saturday, July 28th, I will (at least attempt to) blog for 24 hours straight, updating every half-an-hour, in order to raise money for the National Kidney Foundation.

So what (or rather, who) is my inspiration? My father. He suffered from kidney failure back in 1990 and from that point until 2000, he went to dialysis in a hospital three days a week. He managed to get out of dialysis by the miracle of an anonymous donor's kidney that matched well enough to be transplanted into my father's body. Growing up, however, I saw how my father struggled going to dialysis as well as struggling with other kidney-related problems he suffered from. I am supporting the National Kidney Foundation so that it may continue to help people like my father and their families. After all, everyone deserves to live a normal, fulfilling, and happy life.

Donations are very much appreciated. Every little bit counts. Thank you!
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